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Update of standards for spline gauges and actual status - November 2011

IMPORTANT UPDATE RELEASE nr. 7 spline gauges

Standards for spline gauges

Spline gauges are used for inspection of splined shafts and Involute and straight spline Shafts. Updated formulas include now following standards (November 2011):

DIN 5480 (March 2006)
DIN 5480 (September 1974)
DIN 5481:2005-06
DIN 5481 (January 1952)
DIN 5482 (March 1973)
ANSI B92.1-1996
ANSI B92.2M-1980

Update of standards for taper thread gauges (plugs and rings) and actual status - November 2011

IMPORTANT UPDATE RELEASE nr. 6 Taper thread gauges

A threaded pipe is a pipe with screw-threaded ends for assembly. The threaded pipes used in some plumbing installations for the delivery of gases or fluids under pressure have a threaded section that is slightly conical (in contrast to the cylindrical section commonly found on bolts and leadscrews). The seal provided by a threaded pipe joint depends upon the labyrinth seal created by the threads; upon a positive seal between the threads created by the deformation of the threads when they are tightened to the proper torque; and sometimes on the presence of a sealing coating, such as thread seal tape ("Teflon tape"), or a liquid or paste pipe sealant such as pipe dope. Accurate threads are known as "dry fit" or "dry seal" meaning that no sealant is required for a gas-tight seal. Such threads are needed where the sealant would contaminate or react with the media inside the piping (i.e. oxygen).
Dryseal pipe threads gauges ASME B1.20.5 have been recently added.
Updated formulas include now following standards:

NPT American Standard Pipe Taper Thread
NPSC American Standard Straight Coupling Pipe Thread
NPTR American Standard Taper Railing Pipe Thread
NPSM American Standard Straight Mechanical Pipe Thread
NPSL American Standard Straight Locknut Pipe Thread
NPTF American Standard Pipe Thread Tapered (Dryseal)
BSPP British Standard Pipe Thread Parallel
BSPT British Standard Pipe Thread Tapered

Significative updates have been made here, especially or MJ threads, often referred to as “J” threads, mainly used in the aerospace industry, and dryseal thread B1.20.5, the full list at today (November 2011) of supported standards is:

Pipe threads for tubes and fittings BS21:1985
Pipe threads ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-1983 (NPT)
Pipe threads ISO 7/2 - 1982(E)
Pipe threads ISO 7/2:2000 (EN 10226:2005)
Pipe threads DIN 2999
Whitworth pipe threads DIN 3858/Factory standard
Pipe threads DIN 158
Gas valve threads DIN 477
Dryseal pipe threads ASME B1.20.5
Taper pipe threads JIS B 0253 -1985
ISO metric threads DIN ISO 965:1998
Trapezoidical threads DIN 103:1997
Thread tapes according to DIN 802
Unified threads ANSI/ASME B1.1-1989(R2001)/B1.2
Unified threads ANSI/ASME B1.1-2003 / ASME B1.2
UNJ Aerospace threads ISO 3161:1999 (ASME B1.15)
Pipe threads according to ISO 228:2000
Steel conduit threads DIN 40431:1972
Whitworth threads acc.BS 84:2007, BS 919-2:2007
Pipe threads according to DIN 259 (old)
Metrical HELICOIL threads BOELLHOFF standard
Knuckle threads according to DIN 405:1997
Unified threads ANSI B1.1-1989/BS 919-1:2007
Unified threads ANSI B1.1-2003/BS 919-1:2007
Buttress threads DIN 513/Factory standard
MJ threads DIN ISO 5855 : 2009
Bolt (external) screw thread for transition fits tol. zone (DIN 13, part 51)
Unified HELICOIL threads Boellhoff standard
Unified HELICOIL threads MS 33537-1994
NPSM Cyl.pipe threads ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-1983 (2001)
NPSF Cyl. Dryseal Pipe Threads ANSI B1.20.3-1976
Threads for valves DIN 7756 - February 1979
Threads for valves ETRTO V.7 - 1999
Gages for ISO metric threads ANSI B1.16-M
Gages for ISO metric threads BS919-3:2007
Metric M screw threads NF E 03-152/153
Unified threads French standard CNOMO GE40-008N
ACME screw threads ASME/ANSI B1.5-1997
Stub ACME screw threads ASME/ANSI B1.8-1988
Buttress Threads 7 deg. 45 deg. ANSI B1.9-1973
Metric thread inserts DIN 8140:1999
Galvanized threads DIN ISO 965 (Parts 4,5):2002
Thread setting gauges DIN 2241
Threads for bicycles DIN 79012:1960
Thread gauges according to "VW Norm 13003"
Thread gauges according DIN 11 (old standard, still common)
Gas cylinder connections DIN 477 (Part 1)
Thread gauges according Swiss Standard NIHS 60-30
ACME threads with clearance for rail vehicles DIN 263:2000
Buttress threads DIN 20401:1984 / Factory standard
Cycle threads "BSC" BS 811:1950 / BS 919-2:2007

Update of standards for verniers and actual status - November 2011


No significant changes here.

• DIN 862 - 1988
• British Standard BS 887
• French Standard NF E 11-091

Update of standards for thread gauges (plugs and rings) and actual status - November 2011


Actual release (November 2011) includes:

• ISO Metric threads, DIN ISO 1502 (DIN 13)
• ISO Metric threads, ANSI B1.16M
• Metric ISO Trapezoidal threads, DIN 103
• Unified threads and thread gauges, ANSI/ASME B1.1 u. B1.2
• Thread gauges for Unified threads, BS 919 (Part 1)
• Gauges for pipe threads, DIN ISO 228
• Steel conduit threads, DIN 40430, 40431
• Knuckle threads, DIN 405
• Buttress threads and gauges, DIN 513 /Factory standard
• Gauges for wire thread inserts for metric threads, DIN 8140
• Gauges for screw threads of Whitworth form, British standard BS 84 / BS 919 (Part 2)
• NPSM pipe threads, ANSI/ASME 1.20.1
• Aerospace MJ threads, DIN ISO 5855
• Gauges for Metric and Unified thread inserts, Böllhoff factory standard
• Threads for valves and tyres, DIN 7756 and ETRTO V.7
• Metric threads, NF E 03-152/153 (GE40-010N)
• Unified threads, CNOMO GE40-008N (PSA, Renault)
• ACME threads, ANSI B1.5 - 1988
• Stub-ACME threads, ANSI B1.8 - 1988
• Buttress threads 7°/45°, ANSI B1.9 - 1973
• Hot-dip galvanized threads, DIN ISO 965:2002

Update of standards for plain gauges and actual status - November 2011


New releases have ben made for DIN 2250-1 and BS 969, as well as for Volkswagen standard.

Actual release (November 2011) includes:

• DIN-ISO 286 – 1
• DIN-ISO 286 – 2
• French Standard NF E 02-202 (GE40-001N)
• Master rings, BS 4064 : 1966
• Master rings BS 4065 : 1966
• Master rings, French Standard NF E 11-011
• ISO 286-2 (js2)
• DIN ISO 286 (DIN 7150:2007)
• DIN 2250-1 : October 2008
• BS 969:2008
• ANSI/ASME B89.1.6M - 1984
• BS 4064 (Metric) : 1966
• BS 4065 (Inch) : 1966
• NF E 02-202 (GE40-001N)
• NF E 11-011
• VW 190206
• VW 193260

Update of standards for dial gauges and actual status - November 2011


No changes for DIN 878 (Oct 1983), DIN 879 (Jun 1999), DIN 2270 (1985) (Germany), UNI 4180, UNI 9954 (Italy), IS : 2967 (India) or NF-E-11 (France).
New standards have been defined for inductive gauges and for edge finder gauges. Recent added formulas for calculations of dial gauges refer to:

New standards (India) for dial gauges IS : 2092-1983 and lever dial gauges IS : 11498-1985
New standards have been defined for edge finding gauges.
New standard for digital gauges NF E11-056 (France)
NF XP E11-53 digital (France)
India IS : 2092-1983
India IS : 11498-1985
United States ASME/ANSI B89.1.10M - 2001
Japan JIS B7503
Japan JMAS 2001
Korea KS B5206
Korea JIS B7533
Korea KS B5238

A new procedure defines the maximum tolerance admitted every 10 divisions. Before it was only for 1, 5 graduation, 50% of one revolution and 100% of one revolution.
A new procedure contains evaluation and tolerancing of both sensitivity and linearity in the measuring range.
In particular, there is now a limitation of the linearity, after adjustment of sensitivity.
ANSI/ASME introduced repeatibiliy check at 25%, 50% and 75% of measuring range, and a set of tolerances after the 1.turn, between 2 and 10 turns, between 10 and 20 turns, and for more than 20 turns.
Analysis of deviation is performed, in both directions (positive or negative deviation) after one turn, after two turns, between 2 and 10 turns, between 10 and 20 turns, and for more than 20 turns.

Korean norms introduces a set of tolerances for short or long range, and a specific related tolerance for T neighboring. Also the increment for short and long range is standardized.

Actual release (November 2011) includes:

• Dial gauges, DIN 878 - 1983
• Dial indicators, DIN 879 - 1999
• Dial test indicators, DIN 2270 - 1985
• Dial gauges, ASME/ANSI B89.1.10M
• Dial gauges, French Standard NF E 011-50
• Dial test indicators, French Standard XP E 11-053 : 2000
• Dial gauges, Japanese Standard JIS B 7503-1992
• Dial gauges, British Standard BS 907-1965
• Dial test indicators, British Standard BS 2795-1981
• Dial gauges and Test indicators, Australian Standard AS 2103
• Dial gauges (0.01 mm Graduation), Korean Standard KS B 5206-1984
• Dial gauges (0.001 mm Grad.), Korean Standard KS B 5207-1984
• Dial test indicators, Korean Standard KS B 5238-1976

Update of standards for micrometers and actual status - November 2011


There have been recently updates in calibration standards, involving different types of length measuring instruments, such as:

1. micrometers
2. dial gauges
3. plain gauges (bth plug and ring gauges)
4. parallel thread gauges (bth plug and ring gauges)
5. verniers
6. taper thread gauges
7. spline gauges

It is important to update the calibration procedures used by calibration labs and metrology departments, if in-site calibration is performed.
Let's have a look here at the most relevant changes.

These BS standard have been reviewed.
previous standard BS 870:1950, new release is BS 870:2008
previous standard BS 6468:1984, new release is BS 6468:2008
previous standard BS 959:1950, new release is BS 959:2008

The BS update also refers to extensions according to following standards:

previous standard BS 870:1950, new release is BS 870:2008
previous standard BS 6468:1984, new release is BS 870:2008
previous standard BS 959:1950, new release is BS 959:2008

Following standards for extensions have been added, they were not previously included:

DIN 863-1:1999
DIN 863-2:1999
DIN 863-2:1999
NF E 11-090 (December 1993)
NF E 11-097 (February 1998)

Actual release (November 2011) includes:

• Micrometers (any type), DIN 863 – 1999 (Part 1-4)
• External micrometers, British Standard BS 870-2008 (has been updated)
• Internal micrometers, British Standard BS 959-2008 (has been updated)
• Depth micrometers, British Standard BS 6468-2008 (has been updated)
• Micrometer heads, British Standard BS 1734 : 1951
• Micrometers (any type), Federal Specification (USA) GGG-C105 C–1987
• External micrometers, Australian Standard AS 2102
• Internal micrometers, Australian Standard AS 2101 : 1978