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Update of standards for dial gauges and actual status - November 2011


No changes for DIN 878 (Oct 1983), DIN 879 (Jun 1999), DIN 2270 (1985) (Germany), UNI 4180, UNI 9954 (Italy), IS : 2967 (India) or NF-E-11 (France).
New standards have been defined for inductive gauges and for edge finder gauges. Recent added formulas for calculations of dial gauges refer to:

New standards (India) for dial gauges IS : 2092-1983 and lever dial gauges IS : 11498-1985
New standards have been defined for edge finding gauges.
New standard for digital gauges NF E11-056 (France)
NF XP E11-53 digital (France)
India IS : 2092-1983
India IS : 11498-1985
United States ASME/ANSI B89.1.10M - 2001
Japan JIS B7503
Japan JMAS 2001
Korea KS B5206
Korea JIS B7533
Korea KS B5238

A new procedure defines the maximum tolerance admitted every 10 divisions. Before it was only for 1, 5 graduation, 50% of one revolution and 100% of one revolution.
A new procedure contains evaluation and tolerancing of both sensitivity and linearity in the measuring range.
In particular, there is now a limitation of the linearity, after adjustment of sensitivity.
ANSI/ASME introduced repeatibiliy check at 25%, 50% and 75% of measuring range, and a set of tolerances after the 1.turn, between 2 and 10 turns, between 10 and 20 turns, and for more than 20 turns.
Analysis of deviation is performed, in both directions (positive or negative deviation) after one turn, after two turns, between 2 and 10 turns, between 10 and 20 turns, and for more than 20 turns.

Korean norms introduces a set of tolerances for short or long range, and a specific related tolerance for T neighboring. Also the increment for short and long range is standardized.

Actual release (November 2011) includes:

• Dial gauges, DIN 878 - 1983
• Dial indicators, DIN 879 - 1999
• Dial test indicators, DIN 2270 - 1985
• Dial gauges, ASME/ANSI B89.1.10M
• Dial gauges, French Standard NF E 011-50
• Dial test indicators, French Standard XP E 11-053 : 2000
• Dial gauges, Japanese Standard JIS B 7503-1992
• Dial gauges, British Standard BS 907-1965
• Dial test indicators, British Standard BS 2795-1981
• Dial gauges and Test indicators, Australian Standard AS 2103
• Dial gauges (0.01 mm Graduation), Korean Standard KS B 5206-1984
• Dial gauges (0.001 mm Grad.), Korean Standard KS B 5207-1984
• Dial test indicators, Korean Standard KS B 5238-1976

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